The CREATIVITY company was established in 2015 as an independent group of graphic designers. In November 2016, it was transformed into a limited liability company, while maintaining its liberal character. CREATIVITY gathers young people for whom creating is a passion.

We specialize in the broadly defined 2D and 3D design. We are proficient in both computer and traditional techniques. We deal with issues in the field of designing concepts for computer games, animations and films, we make illustrations, storyboards, various types of 2D graphics - raster and vector graphics, advertising graphics, 3D models, visualizations of architecture and interiors. We have strong bases of drawing and freehand painting in many techniques, thanks to which the range of our skills and services is very diverse. Most of us have architectural education, thanks to which our projects are always thought out, not only in terms of artistic, but also substantive.

We like to share our vision, passion and skills, which is why in addition to the implementation of orders, we offer a wide range of training - in the form of regular courses and workshops. When creating our programs, we cooperate with companies such as Pracownia Rysunku DOMIN or Kontrastownia, which is why our trainings are based not only on our own pedagogical experience, but also on the knowledge of many teachers gathered for many years. The friendly and open atmosphere of our studio as well as a professional approach means that the progress comes very quickly and the students are reluctant to leave the room.

We are a fresh, dynamically developing company and we are constantly expanding our team, so the best of our students have the opportunity not only to acquire new, structured knowledge and skills, but also to join the team performing the order, and perhaps also to the pedagogical team.



The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (OW SARP) is committed to promoting architecture, maintaining high professional standards, and making optimal use of the space around us. SARP has more than 130 years of history and boasts many outstanding architects among its membership, including Bohdan Pniewski, Marek Leykam, and Jan Bogusławski. The basis of SARP’s operations are set out in its charter, which specifies its objectives and organizational structure. SARP’s most important functions include caring for the quality of architecture and the environment, creating conditions favorable to developing and protecting architectural creativity, advancing architectural knowledge, and promoting architecture as a profession. SARP pursues these objectives by, e.g. engaging in public debate on urban space issues, educating on architecture, and holding architectural competitions based on transparent procedures.

SARP Warsaw Branch has been bringing the architectural community, and others interested in architecture and urban planning, together for years. Feel free to contact us or visit us at ul. Foksal 2 in Warsaw.

Polish - Japanese Academy of Information Technology



The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology was established in 1994.

The university conducts a number of projects in the field of creating and applying information technologies in various areas of social and economic life.

It implements projects in medicine using modern IT technologies. 
The head office of PJATK is located in Warsaw. The university also has a branch office in Gdańsk and a Research and Development Center in Bytom.
The educational offer includes IT studies - IT Department, Art studies - New Media Art Department, Visual Arts and Interior Design studies, Management studies - Information Management and Cultural Studies Department - Japanese Culture Department.

The education is conducted at Bachelor's, Engineering, Master's, Post-graduate and Doctoral studies.