Jerzy Gurawski

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Jerzy Gurawski graduated in architecture at the Tadeusz Kościuszko Krakow University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture. Famous for “Experimental Theater” sets - an area of specialty he developed at the Zbigniew Kupiec Design Department. In 1960, he obtained his master’s degree in architecture.

Since 1989, Gurawski has been running the highly respected and multi-awarded ARPA studio, winner of numerous architectural competitions and author of famous buildings such as the UAM Campus in Poznań, the Music Academy and Aula Nova, the new wing of the University of Physical Education, and the Wstęga Warty (Warta Ribbon) apartment house in Poznań. Under Gurawski, ARPA has been a two-time winner of the Quadro Baptist Award (2003, 2006), SARP award “Project of the Year” (1988) and the Minister of Construction Award for the Best Building Built with Public Resources (2003). In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious SARP Honorary Award.

Fabrice Bourrelly

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Fabrice graduated in architecture from Manchester and Paris. He has been a 3D visualiser since 1996 and has worked with Jean Nouvel, Phillip Starck, Thomas Heatherwick, Google, Bentley and Epic Games as clients.

He teaches Unreal Engine online and offline and currently works on a number of architecture industry related projects exclusively using an Unreal Engine and Unreal Studio pipeline. He also works as an expert consultant and teacher in Architecture visualisation using Unreal Engine for the Epic Games Unreal Enterprise

Robin Skog



Technical Artist at wec360° AB

With a background as an artist in advertising and game development Robin's route to technical art in architecture visualisation is a bit different. The love for creating beautiful images over game play steered him into the Unreal Engine 4 archviz-scene and today he develops the latest workflows for visualisations in real-time graphics.