Warsaw 2098

The Second Black Plague wiped out most of Europe. Only Warsaw survived. 

But just barely. 

In 2098, Warsaw will rise from the ashes

To mark the dawn of a new age, a mysterious freemason, known only as Adrikal, commissions the first iconic tower to be built.

But it cannot be just an ordinary building. It must look like no building that has ever come before it. 

And it must inspire the rebirth of humanity, and its renewed harmony with nature.

And give hope, to everyone.

600x600px_FB profile.png

3d game artists are challenged 

“Show me Warsaw 2098 through the eyes of a game artist. Make it so hyperrealistic that normal civilians think it's real.”

 // Adrikal


artistic specifications

  • I've provided you with a building
  • It is important to not change the location of the building
  • You may change the building's shape however you’d like, even replace the original meshes

the task

I want you to show off your skills and creativity by changing my image's form, materials, lighting and composition.

600x600px_FB profile.png

Judging criteria

  • Creativity - Interesting forms, materials and use of decoration
  • Lighting - Usage of colors and shapes to highlight the building
  • Realism - Believable compositing to ground the building in the image

Technical Specifications

Made for use with Unreal Engine 4.18.

Image Plate Plug-in should be enabled from start (if not make sure to do that!)

  • You’ll need to specify where your Image Plates are in UE4 Content folder (Image Plate File Sequences), these images can be found in the Unreal Engine Project folder (the one you unpacked)

    ■ Replace the “CopyYourPathHere” with your directory



    ■ To make the FrontPlate work, we need to change the material to be masked:

    Select the CineCamera in the scene > Select the ImagePlate component (folder) > Search for Material > Open up DefaultImagePlateMaterial > Make these settings: 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 18.10.36.png

Lighting can be either baked or dynamic, it's up to you




1x image .png 4k resolution